In an honorable setting on the outskirts of the Oiartzun River it outlooks the hillside of Peñas de Aia  

The National Park Aiako Harria is situated in the Eastern extremity of the Historical territory of Gipuzkoa. It extends from the Bidasoa River to the Urumea River forming the southern city limits of the Autonomous Community of Navarre.

Located in the Atlantic geographical region, different sectors can be distinguished based on their natural features. Given it's situated on the foothills of the Pyrenees, the solid park Aiako Harria attracts masses of wind from the Bizkaia Gulf, as a result the area is known for its high levels of rain.

Farmhouses are few and scattered among the spacious fields. The proximity to the urban nuclei of Hondarribia, Irun and Donostia which form part of Eastern Gipuzkoa make it so the area maintains an important recreational function, as it is constantly sought after by travelers, mountain climbers and various picnic groups.








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