menu [30,00 €] 

    Cured Ham (Guijuelo) 

    Squid salad

    Mushroom pancake (Crepe)

Choose between: 

    Grilled Squid

    Grilled Seabass

    Grilled hake  

    Beef Steak (500gr.)

    Entrecote with French Fries

    Wild boar with sauce 

    Beef Ribs 



    Homemade Desserts  

    House Specialty Drinks, Coffee 

 [VAT included]

    Min. 4 people

    To book in advance

    If the entire party for the reservation does

    not attend, the party will still be responsible

    for the total number of previously agreed

   upon diners.

    Menus are only served for the entire table 

    Cake available (extra: 2,10 €/pers.)

    Validity: from 01/01/2018 to 31/12/2018


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